Tuesday, March 8, 2016

14 months!!

Dear Fin,
You are 14 months old!!

What a big month you had. You are cruising around like a champ. No steps yet, but I think it is because you are so super fast at crawling (it is true, people comment on it all the time). You chase your brother and sister every where. You are SO MUCH LIKE YOUR BIG BROTHER! In other words - busy! :) You are into absolutely everything. I can't childproof enough with you. :) I promise one day you will get to play in the play room! Speaking of playing, you love to play! You love to play with your toys, you really love it when I play with you. And I am happy to do so. You like to sit in my lap and play and I love it. You love to pretend eat and you smack your lips. Of course, it is adorable.

You have quite a few words! Mama, bubba, Harper, bye (this one is usually said at a quite loud volume and emphatically until the person leaving responds), here (your new favorite), dada, mom (which is what you call Nana???), there, bop bop. I am sure I am forgetting some others.

You have developed quite an attachment to a pink giraffe named Noodles. Harper gifted her to you and she is your lovey!! You cannot sleep without Noodles and you snuggle her up right in the crook of your arm. You also need your bop bop (previously known as just a bop) to sleep.

You are a very good eater! Much like your sister - if you are awake...you are eating! Have to get your calories in while you are awake!

You are my precious love. I thank God every day that he sent us to you. I do not know what we do without you!!! I love you so much.


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