Thursday, March 3, 2016

Fun, fun, fun

The girls and I have been enjoying going to preschool play every week. The weather has been hit or miss, so an indoor activity is always nice. Harper usually knows quite a few kids there and my little social butterfly has fun:

Time for the big kids dentist trip. Thankful they love their dentist and thankful I have a friend who grew up to be a pediatric dentist:

Harper and her dance friends got their company jackets! Funny Harper story...the next week, as we were leaving for dance she said, "Oh, I almost forgot my business coat!"

My mom finished Fin's quilt. Love:

We went to the park a few times and my big helper helped me:

It is too bad they don't love each other:

Harper gifted her pink giraffe "Noodles" to Fin a while ago. It is truly Fin's lovey. She cannot sleep without it. This is the earliest one of the kids have attached to a lovey. She loves her some Noodles (and we need to find a backup ASAP):

Nothing like swinging in your pjs! #3rdbabyprobs:

Movie night:

Hudson started his basketball season:

Nothing stops this kid!

Everyone pitches in to cook:

Harper has taken over Hud's doesn't fit him and hers doesn't fit her anymore!

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