Monday, March 28, 2016

A good, good day...

I dread endo appointments. Hudson, when you are reading this one day - I love you so much. And I hate that you have Type One. But, you are amazing and resilient and my hero. And you handle it like a champ. But, the endo appointments are a painful reminder to me of all you have to go through. I hope that one day it won't feel that way and I hope it never feels that way for you. But, we are here for you and we love you.

That said, the endo appointment was great and he is doing awesome! And as always, we celebrate a life well lived after those appointments.

After lunch of choice (CFA, of course) and a stop by JDRF, I took Hudson with me to vote in the Presidential primary:

Then we picked up the girls and the 5 of us hit the park:

We came home and gave Fin a nap. And I was reminded again what a huge blessing she is to our family. I love this little cherry on top:

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