Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The storm...

This sweet girl had her first ear infection! And smiled through it all! As it turned out, she also had a stomach bug which we didn't realize. We thought she was vomiting from the pain of her ear infection because she was still eating and wasn't fussy. Hudson also (coincidentally) had an ear infection at the same time. I took them to the pedi, got them on meds and thought we were good to go. 

Until Hud came downstairs at 9 to tell me his stomach hurt. To be honest, I thought he was worried because he had seen Fin throw up or maybe it was blood sugar related. I reassured him and got him back to bed. 

Two hours later he threw up.

This was the moment I had been dreading since he was diagnosed. Stomach bugs are the worst. With Type One's - they can be scary. You just don't know what sugars are going to do, what ketones are going to do, if they can eat etc. We sprung into action. Trent cleaned up the mess (he thew up in his bed. With Harper below him). We got Harper moved, Hudson cleaned up and settled in the recliner of our room. I spent the next 18 hours checking ketones and blood sugars every 2 hours. He did have some ketones early on, but luckily nothing ever too high. I am thankful we have a blood ketone meter (newly acquired) and that we had zofran. That stopped the vomiting in its tracks. The next day I wanted Trent to stay home to help me because I was nervous. Well, he did but not exactly in the way I had hoped. HE came down with it! It seemed inevitable that Harper and I would get it and Hudson's birthday was later in the week. I was feeling very worried, very stressed and VERY tired. Thankfully, after disinfecting everything in sight and washing everything in hot water I am happy to say Harper and I did dodge it!

Sweet baby with her first TWO illnesses:

Finley on a shelf:

When we finally escaped the house, I felt a huge sense of relief:

It is too bad she doesn't get any attention! :)

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