Friday, May 1, 2015

After bluebonnet pics, we took the kids to one of our favorite Italian places. The kids love to make their own pizzas there! (And I am THRILLED they love to eat them!):

We took Harper to get a hair cut at her favorite girly haircut place:

My mom kept the girls for me while I volunteered at Kindergarten roundup. She sent me a photo of Fin was the first time Fin had EVER slept in a crib!

This sweet boy and I had fun giving tours together to the future Eagles:

I took mom to the tea room for her birthday and we ran into our friends. It was so fun to meet Jillian's brand new baby girl!

Just 3 months apart!


He always wants to be close to Fin:

We celebrated Gates' birthday! And as a double bonus rocked our first pool party post-diagnosis:

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