Friday, May 1, 2015

Austin and more....

After the field trip, I headed south to Austin for a little girls weekend. I was really sad to leave the kids, but it was a very nice break and I came back really refreshed!
Nothing says girls weekend like this:

Meanwhile, back at home Trent took the bigs to the school carnival. The carnival was supposed to be the weekend before which is one of the reasons I was sad to leave town. I hated missing it. Trent sent me lots of pictures though and the kids had a blast!

I face timed my pumpkins:

And sent Harper my pedi color pick for approval:

Then I drove home as fast as I could to try to outrun THIS:

Hudson left me a really sweet note:

The headphones I ordered Fin for Disney came!  She does not like loud noises and scares easily, so I think these will be good for her!

Proof that his notes aren't always sweet!  (But, the scene that followed this will always make me laugh):

Fin is trying so hard to roll!

Sweet angel sleeping:

Hud loves to read to the girls!

Sweet lunch date:

They set up an American Ninja Warrior obstacle course:

Pure sweetness:

It is too bad this baby is not loved at all!

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