Sunday, May 17, 2015

Field Day!

Hudson had his first field day! I was a little nervous about it, I wasn't sure how diabetes was going to play out. Trent decided to take the day off, so we could manage it together.  WB does a great field day, but it is a long (and usually hot) day!

This kid was excited!

The kids bounced for 30 minutes and then had their snack time:

 Hudson and his sweet friend Jackson. These two have been friends since they were 2!

Tug of War! As it turns out, tug of war is extremely intense!  Hud's class won!

We skipped an event and used that time to go back to the class and cool off:

Hud and his AMAZING teacher. I love her and don't know what we would have done without her this year!

It was a GREAT day! Hud had FUN and diabetes played nice! What more could we ask for??

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