Saturday, May 23, 2015

Disney Day 2!

We kicked off our day (Mother's Day!) at Chef Mickey! Always a favorite of ours. Harper has been a little (understatement) shy in the past at character meals. Especially Chef Mickey:

Well, sister turned it around this trip!  Here she is chatting Goofy up:

Fin was hanging out in her seat:

Harper wanted bubba in between her and Donald:

But, she was LOVING Minnie:

Pictures now go out of order...after CM we headed to Hollywood Studios. Why does he look SO big??

Quite the stair step:

Harper and I in line to meet Sophia...however, the bigger head characters still scare her. Maybe next time:

Back to Chef Mickey:

We tried to meet Baymax. This was the only thing we didn't get to do that we really wanted to do. The line was actually not that bad, but the kids (who are a tad spoiled by no lines) did not want to wait. Later in the week, the line was really too long, so we never met him:

Earlier that morning, getting ready for Chef Mickey!

Toy Story ride!

Finally tall enough for Rock and Roller Coaster! And he loved it!!!

This is a view of the pool and our resort at night:

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