Friday, May 1, 2015

Fin's first night in the crib!

The time came to move Finley to the crib. She is definitely the 3rd and the baby of the family!  Hudson stayed in our room one night, Harper two weeks and sweet Fin - 4 1/2 months. And honestly, I wasn't ready for her to go yet! But, she began breaking out of the miracle blanket and we needed her used to sleeping in a crib before our vacation in May, so it was time. My friend swore by the Merlin Magic Sleepsuit to transition out of the swaddle. I ordered one and the day it came we went ahead and moved her. Ripped off the bandaid if you will.

We tried the sleep suit on, you can see she loves it!

First night...I couldn't stop watching her!

The next morning - I would say it was a success!!!!!

Hudson getting his nightly dose of holding Fin:

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