Saturday, May 23, 2015

Disney Day 3!

We spend our third day at Epcot. We had a reservation scheduled at Norway for a princess breakfast. Right when we got there and got in line, we realized we had formula for Fin, but no bottle. Somehow we had managed to leave the bottle back at the resort. Thankfully, the baby care center had some for sale and crisis was averted. Trent got back right in time for us to go inside and for Harper to meet one of her favorites, Belle:

We settled in for breakfast. Hud continues to grow up and I caught him cutting up his breakfast:

Cinderella made the rounds.  One of my friends commented that Harper Joy exuded joy and was obviously in her element. It was so, so true! She glowed:

Ariel was one of Harper and I's very favorites. I loved how sweet she was with Harper and that she took so much time with Fin as well:

We had to take a picture in front of the Anna and Elsa topiary:

After the breakfast, we wandered around the EPCOT countries:

And had a yummy treat before leaving for the day:

Hudson has the whole world in his hands:

We wandered around the aquarium, Fin was there too ;)

The magic of Disney:

Bruce's playhouse:

We took the boat to Downtown that night, to Wolfgang. I had to feed Fin on the boat though, so I was not able to get any pictures.

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