Thursday, June 4, 2015

Disney Day 5!

This was a day I have been anticipating for YEARS!!! Since Harper was a baby, I have dreamed of taking her to Bippity Boppity Boutique and then to eat at Cinderella's Castle. Sadly, I dropped the ball on the BBB reservation (I had a little bit going on around here), but luckily Trent's boss helped us out with getting one. We surprised her that morning and I took her there, while Trent and the other kids went to ride a few rides.

Harper is my super outgoing, talkative child. However, she is also my timid in new situations child. She is an interesting mix. So, when we first walked in she was very unsure and told me she wanted to leave. I was a little crushed inside, but of course told her we could if she really wanted to. Then one of the ladies came over and asked if they could introduce Harper to her fairy Godmother and they had picked a special one just for her. We went to meet her and she was amazing. So great with Harper and exactly what she needed! She showed Harper her choices of hairstyles, I tried to steer her in a certain direction (more on that later), but ultimately let her pick.

After a little silly peek-a-boo (which Harper loved), they played the crown game (in other words, what princess wore what crown):

By then she had warmed up and was having a great time:

She was totally pampered, hair, makeup and nails!

So, THIS was the final product. I had tried to steer her towards the bun and crown hairstyle, but this is what she picked. Which is a little hilarious. And will be going in her wedding rehearsal slideshow.  (And the tiara was extra because at the end she asked for one):

And lo and behold the minute we got outside, she asked to take the "big, blond thing off" because she "didn't know it was going to be SO big". So, she ended up with the bun and tiara anyway. And I signed with relief because of the pictures coming up (she looks beautiful no matter what!):

 So, it was on to lunch in Cinderella's castle:

Hudson is a super good sport:

Cindy was quite sweet to Fin:

Cinderella's Castle was amazing inside!  I don't feel like I fully captured how beautiful it is:

Snow White stopped by:

Harper was THRILLED to meet Aurora:



Fin was super impressed:

Hud got his own sword:

The dessert was adorable:

Cinderella's wishing fountain:

This is a view of the windows where we ate

Liberty Square:

Harper and Hud wanted to meet Ariel as a mermaid:

Then it was time for our highly anticipated meet and greet with Anna and Elsa. Now, I have to say...I am really glad we had a fast pass. I was not super impressed with Elsa, I am sad to say. But, I was happy we waited 2 minutes and not 2 hours. And Harper was thrilled and that's all that matters:

Out of order again:

Fletcher Family of Five:

Hudson, I agree with your side eye here:

It was a dream come true for Harper....and ME! And I am so excited I get to do it all over again in a few years with Fin. :)

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