Saturday, June 13, 2015

Last day of school!

And just like that first grade was over....

I am unbelievably proud of Hud. He had a hard year with a lot thrown at him and he thrived. Never does he complain about diabetes, never does he ask "why me?" (I do enough of that for both of us). Through it all he has THRIVED. I am so proud of him.

First and last day:

I had a banner waiting for him:

His amazing teacher. Words cannot express how much I love her. She took care of Hud like he was her own. That means more to me than I can ever express. We will miss her greatly:

Last day cookie cake:

When you go low while is cookie cake time!

Trent took the big kids golfing, so this pumpkin and I ran some errands:

And then met them for dinner:

Then it was run through the banner time and 


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