Sunday, June 7, 2015

Disney Day 7!

On Day 7, we headed back to MK again for a very full day of FUN!
My sweet trio:

Walking out to the monorail:

I love them so much!

Trying on hooks after Pirates ride:

Riding Aladdin's Magic Carpet:

We had lunch reservations at Be Our Guest:

Since Hud had been such an awesome sport and big brother, we let him pick the Beast's room for lunch. Harper wasn't so sure about that at first, but got over it quickly:

They both loved the magical rose!

Then it was time to meet Rapunzel and Cinderella. Rapunzel played Hide and Go seek with Hud!

Cinderella spent a LOT of time with us, which was so fun! Fin was asleep, so she and Trent walked around outside while we met the princesses:

We all love PhilharMagic:

 And ice cream on Main Street!

We went to Enchanted Tales with Belle (which wasn't quite as magical as last time):

But, THIS is now one of my all time favorite pictures:

 We made it all the way to the fireworks:

All FIVE of us! Fin was a rockstar!

My baby girl in awe of the fireworks, nobody does fireworks like Disney:

Hudson got a kick out of playing the sorcerer's game in MK. We will start that earlier next trip!

Rapunzel's castle in the background:

Such a magical night. When the music was playing and the fireworks were going, I couldn't stop myself from tearing up. I am beyond blessed with my beautiful family:

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