Friday, June 12, 2015

May, Memorial Day weekend and more....

After every allergy shot, we head to the Dollar Store for a treat. The irony that he now gets multiple shots a day, yet we still maintain this tradition, is not lost on me. Truthfully, I like it as much as he does. If anyone deserves it, it is this kid:

Our theme for the month of May...theme parks:

Always with her hands up....even as we drive down hills around town:

They do not get much sweeter than this kid:

We headed to a very soggy Colonial:

This was our first year to take Hud! I don't know if he will ever want to go back! Kidding, sort of...May was monsoon month in Texas. We needed the rain badly and we are out of a drought for the first time in YEARS. But, the flooding was devastating and there are some very tragic stories from the month of May. We are thankful that our lakes are full though as we head into the hot summer. Hopefully, the mud doesn't deter Hud from going with us next year:

The silliest girl:

Going for the prize:

Memorial Day was an unusual one around here! Thanks to the rain, storms and cooler weather, swimming was not in the cards this year. So, we headed to the zoo instead:

And Joe T's ;)

Later, we had grilled out to wrap up Memorial Day:

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