Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Disney Day 8!

We geared up for our last day at Disney, and headed back to Magic Kingdom. One last day of Magic!

We hit the monorail for our traditional last meal - breakfast at Crystal Palace:

Had to get a family picture in front of the castle:

The kids danced it up while we waited:

Then it was time for breakfast with Winnie the Pooh and his friends. Harper really came out of her shell at this meal and LOVED her some characters!!!

My personal favorite Piglet:

Piglet played peek-a-boo with Fin:

Fin just doesn't know what to think:


Then Winnie the Pooh himself:

The kids took part in the friendship parade:

This cracked me up. WDW has become the land of the selfie stick. This sign appeared on the last day of our trip at Big Thunder Mountain. I asked a cast member and they said they would be going up at all of the rides because people were using them on the rides which is super dangerous (so is walking around Disney using them!):

Riding Dumbo:


Hud and I went to take one last ride on Space Mountain. Unfortunately, the ride went down while we were waiting. We were on a tight schedule, so we opted to leave:

And get in one more ride on Big Thunder:

And one last ride on 7 D's:

Our traditional last ice cream on Main Street (we have a lot of Disney traditions):

We always let our kids pick out one thing while we are at Disney and on the last day (so they have the week to figure it out). Harper picked this cat and Hudson picked Star Wars figurines (we also let them build their own light sabers). Fin got her first set of ears, of course. ;)

8 days of Disney and we were all still smiling!

We were remarking on how the end of this trip was so much different than the last time, when we found out our flight got cancelled and we had to race out of the park and to the airport. We exited the park and headed to the monorail....only to find out it was broken down. Thankfully, we got on the next boat to the Polynesian (right before TONS of people poured out of the monorail). So, we weren't put too far behind and we got to ride the resort boat:

Nothing says end of vacay like doing make-up work in the airport!

It was a truly magical trip. I am so thankful we had 8 interrupted days together. My favorite times are when my little family is together. We had a fantastic time and made tons of memories.

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