Thursday, May 12, 2016

Day 4 Broken Bow

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end. We had a wonderful, relaxing time at Broken Bow. It was everything we had hoped it would be. It was a great opportunity to relax, recharge and reconnect. I was very sad to leave and head back to reality. We will definitely be returning!

This little miss...the recommendation now is to leave babies turned backwards until 2 years old. (It was 1 year when Hudson was this age. They started the 2 year thing with Harper). I tried. I really did. But, much like her sister, right around 16 months she was DONE. Putting her in the car became a huge ordeal. Our laid back, sweet baby started screaming bloody murder and arching her back. I think the biggest issue was she could see the big kids, but wasn't next to her. I decided it was more dangerous for her to scream the entire time we were driving than it was for her to be forward. So, we flipped her. We have two very long road trips planned this summer and my head just couldn't take it. And let's face it, we are in the car a lot. 

You can see that she is much happier:

Ready to head home:

We stopped for lunch in Paris, Texas where this little pumpkin garnered a ton of attention:

I have always wanted to see the Eiffel Tower! This might be as close as I get! 

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