Friday, May 27, 2016

Field Day!

I am happy to say that this year's Field Day was not nearly as stressful as last year! We are getting this T1 thing down. 
Second graders get to do the "Twin Twirl". It made me sick to watch, but Hudson loved it enough to do it 3 times!

Tug Of War is SERIOUS business. I wish I had a video of all of us parents yelling "PULL!" as the kids were competing. Last year, Hudson's class went undefeated, he didn't know what to do with a loss! But, they ended up in 3rd place out of 6. We will take it:

Daddy came for Tug O' War and other fun:

Sweet friends:

Old fashioned sack race:

My sweet boy and I...Field Day'ing it up. Field Day wears me right out for some reason, but I love time with my boy!

I bought Field Day shirts for Hudson and myself. Field Day was postponed because of bad weather and in that five day period the shirts mysteriously disappeared. In what has to be the most frustrating experience of my life (at least in recent memory), Trent and I literally turned the house upside down for 3 HOURS. The shirts are GONE. We have NO idea what happened to them. It is the strangest thing, but thankfully Hud handled it with grace (and Mommy only cried a little when she saw he was only one of two that didn't have a shirt that day):

 Field Day 2016 in the books! Hard to believe we will have TWO Field Day participants next year!

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