Friday, May 27, 2016

Princess Tea!

Our high school choir held the CUTEST event. They put on a Princess Tea for the little girls. Harper put on her favorite princess dress and off we went:

She was able to take pictures with all of the princesses there. Belle and the Beast:

Her sweet friend Sutton was there:

Merida let her hold her bow:

Tinkerbell was adorable!

Elsa meets Elsa:

It was seriously the cutest thing ever. After the meet and greets, five of the princesses sang a song from their movie. They were amazing! Then there were different stations set up. Facepainting:

Showing off her art:

She took a selfie:

Pin the carrot on Olaf, hosted by Kristoff:

She made her own wand:

Danced with Merida:

And made bracelets:

It was ADORABLE! I can't speak highly enough about it. I can't wait to take both girls!!

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