Sunday, January 15, 2017

Disney '16 - Day 3

We hit the ground running on our first full day. EPCOT was our first stop. And the big guy was our first meeting! Fin was precious in the line. Yelling out "Hi Mickey! Hi Goofy!" Then she wanted nothing to do with them when we got close to them and would only be in a pic if we were holding her. Shades of her sister:

Note the stage 5 clinger:

These kids love them a character greet!

Minnie tried, bless her heart:

Then it was time for lunch with the princesses!

First up was Belle:

Fin was still keeping her distance:

But, Belle won her over!

Not entirely sure, but willing to pose for a pic!

It was hit or miss for the rest of the time. Harper (looking way too big) and Jasmine:

Fin didn't want to stop eating:


Fin  #notimpressed:

Snow White:

We didn't even attempt Fin:

Ariel...she was done eating but still not impressed (frankly, Trent and I weren't impressed by this Ariel either!):

The kids spotted some awesome saline:

And Harper is always ready to help her sister:

Test track and their awesome car:

Then we headed back over to the countries:

It was time for the Mexico ride (seriously, my kids love it) and the Frozen Ever After ride!

Riding Nemo with my girls:

Hudson in his happy place...Animals!

We headed back to meet Baymax and Joy and Sadness. Unfortunately, we had to choose because the lines were ridiculous and the baby (and the mama) were getting hungry. Baymax it was! Bittersweet for me:

Then we headed to Downtown Disney (now Disney Springs) to eat and we managed to wipe this little princess out:

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