Friday, January 13, 2017


Dear Harper Joy,

My love, you are SIX!!! I cannot believe it. On the one hand it feels like you have been six forever because let's face it, you are wise beyond your years. On the other hand, how can you possibly be six?? Stop it. Just stop it and stay six, okay?

You are bright, funny, kind, smart and adorable. You are loved beyond measure. Your sister adores you and looks up to you and your brother thinks you are the best sidekick ever. Your mommy and daddy are pretty fond of you as well.

Watching you soar in Kinder has been a treat. You have taken off in reading (all on your own before you started school), you have made sweet little friends, you are very well liked and adored by your teacher. We are so proud of you.

You continue to be amazing at whatever you set your mind to - dance, soccer, school, etc. You thrive in all settings.

You have lost FIVE teeth. My mind is blown by this fact (as is yours). It is a bit of a drama and traumatic every time, but they continue to fall out. You have two more loose as we speak!

Most important to me is how kind you are. You never say an unkind word to anyone and you always reach out to kids who need friends. I am so proud of you.

I love you more than words can say. 


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