Sunday, January 22, 2017

Disney '16 - Day 7

It was a rope drop to Wishes kind of day! We arrived at Hollywood Studios for rope drop in the hopes of getting Hudson into Jedi Training again. Unfortunately, we ran straight there and the line was already 70 min one with zero chance of getting him in. We are glad he was able to do it last time we were there! (And we watched it later that day and all decided we liked the version he was in better).

Who doesn't love the Army Men!

Toy Story Mania! Fin was a fan:

The kids were so excited to meet Olaf! Since he doesn't have a brain or skull, he couldn't sign autographs, but he was happy to take a pic!

I took the bigs to get in line for Kylo Ren and Trent sent me this pic. The storm troopers said, "Look, there's the little one!" about Fin!

Kylo Ren. He didn't pose, he just walked around saying stuff that the Star Wars fans understood. And the girl who took the pics got fuzzy ones. Kind of a let down:

This was a magical turning point for Fin. Waiting with her autograph book to meet Doc McStuffins:

At this point, Fin had been scared of pretty much all characters including princesses. I figured she would be terrified of Doc for sure, look how big her head is:

She LOVED her!!! It was the sweetest thing ever and made me cry! The cast member told me that for some reason a lot of kids who are scared of characters love Doc. Doc was SO sweet to her and spent a lot of time with her:

Blowing kisses:

Hands down the sweetest character meet and greet EVER:

Followed by the largest hot dog EVER:

Frozen Sing Along:

Then it was time to meet Sofia. Another large headed character I thought she would be scared of....wrong (for the record, this was the first time Harper would get near Sofia!):

Disney Jr. show:

We spent pretty much a full day at HS! Then we headed to MK to hit some rides. Unfortunately, the bigs and Trent got stuck on Splash Mountain and missed part of Wishes. Fin and I took it in though:

 Our total steps when the day was all said and done!


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