Sunday, January 22, 2017

Disney '16 - Day 4

We kicked off day 4 with breakfast at Park Fare. Fin was ready!

The Grand Floridian had gorgeous decorations:

This breakfast had a variety of characters and excellent food. First up was Winnie the Pooh:

Then Mary Poppins! We had a great interaction with Mary Poppins when Trent asked if he could take Bert's place:

Fin just wanted to eat:

Tigger is always a fave:

Alice in Wonderland was fun. We had a fun interaction with her as well:

These are totally out of order....this was waiting to meet Mad Hatter:

And this was first thing in the morning! Fin slept through all of us getting up and getting ready:

The Gingerbread house at the Floridian:

The Mad Hatter! He was hilarious:

He was super fun with Fin:

Next up we headed to MK and did a little bit of the sorcerer game:

It was super crowded that day at MK, so we decided to leave and head to Animal Kingdom:

The tree at AK. I LOVED all the decorations!

Right away we saw characters!

Fin (much like her sister at this age) just wanted to WALK!!!!

Playing the musical instruments:

Safari time!

So pretty and sweet:

We did the safari at dusk which was amazing. The animals were so active!

And it wiped Fin right out!

We went back to MK, just in time for a Frozen Wish!

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