Sunday, January 15, 2017

Pjs and Pancakes!

Harper has been planning her 6th birthday party for exactly 364 days. She was thrilled when it got here!

Yes, that is a cake. Isn't it fabulous??

Hudson wanted to make his sister a birthday sign:

The girls in their pjs:

We set up a photo booth for all of the guests:

Rented a bounce house (we got really lucky with the November weather! You never know in Texas!!):

Our pancake maker:

Froot Loop necklaces:

Harper and her kinder bestie Remy:

We did a fun "donut chomp". The kids had a blast!

Then it was pinnate time! Harper loves a pinnate!

It was busted!

I love this pic of my sweet girl:

Harper had a perfectly perfect party for our perfectly perfect 6 year old. Almost all of her little friends were there, her kinder classmates, family friends, dance friends, soccer friends. She has a lot of friends! It was crazy fun!

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