Saturday, October 29, 2016

21 months!

Dear Finley,

The monthly pictures are getting harder and harder to take! This month you peeled the sticker right off!

At 21 months you are a joy! You know all of your body parts including the obscure collarbone (your favorite for some reason) and your tongue. You literally know them all. I finally caught you on video saying most of them.

You love your bubba and sissy, but you REALLY love your sissy (Hudson, when you read this one day, she loves you a LOT. But, there is something about that sister bond). You ask for both of them first thing every morning. If they are home, you want their attention and you want your sissy (and you do call her sissy) to PLAY with you.

You are still my best eater. You will try anything and you like most everything. Still a big fan of veggies and fruits.

Sleeping. Yes, still the same. :)

You love to dance. You hear music and you start dancing.

Your speech is exploding and you understand everything!

You are a joy and we love you more than words can say!!


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