Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Wrapping it up

After pictures, we headed back to the square for a dessert FINALE:

And sweet Harper...she discovered on the way back that she had her very first loose tooth. You can see by the picture that there were major tears involved. I am not sure who was more sad, Harper or me:

We went to crab hunt one last time (the big kids and I. The baby was toast). We found some cool sand sculptures:

And lots of crabs:

The next day it was time to say a sad goodbye. We were all sad, we LOVE the beach!

Ready(ish) to go:

Darth kept Fin happy for lots of miles:

More real talk on vacay:

Sweet big brother:

It was a trip for the books! Minus our friend breaking his ankle on the next to last day, it was a fantastic trip and we had a fantastic time! Until next year Seaside!

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