Saturday, October 22, 2016

Crazy week!

The first few weeks of school are crazy as we try to get into the routine (truth be told, it is October and I am just now blogging this. And I still feel like we are trying to find our groove some days!).

I volunteered at Kinder lunch a few times in the first few weeks. It was so fun to help all the sweet kiddos and get to see my girl!

I got to take a peek at this kid as well! He has lunch immediately after Harps:

The first week of school, Harper also had boot camp at dance. This one was a trooper!

On top of dance, she also had her first soccer practice! She was a MAJOR trooper!

This makes my heart so happy!!!!

Hudson and Trent got to have a boys night out at the Ranger game! While they were there they got to meet another Type One family who happened to need insulin. Hudson was able to share some insulin and we made some new friends!

Sweetest big sister EVER.

Hud and Harper had lunch with friends and I got pics texted to me!

And I had lunch with this cutie:

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