Saturday, October 29, 2016

Zoo and more!

See? We are at the zoo all the time! Just a few short days later, we were there for a playdate. I even saw them tearing down Zoo Ball:

Trent spoke to Harper's class during Community/Career week! (I was told by her teacher he did an excellent job! And an inside source snagged me this pic ;) )

Fin, Mom and I took a girls trip to Canton. We didn't get anything but we had fun!

We hit the park on a beautiful afternoon after school:

I had been promising the kids house color things for house party, so we also hit Party City:

I am legit obsessed with her curls:

A beautiful fall night! Hard to say no to "Just one more time Mama?"


Lunch with these cuties. Harper's kinder bestie:

He has always been the BEST big brother!


Harper went to a FUN birthday party:

And so did Trent and I:

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