Sunday, October 30, 2016

22 months!!!

Dear Finley,

You are 22 months!!!

I still can't believe that this precious curly blond hair, blue eyed beauty is ours! You are our perfect bookend.

At 22 months you are full of life. You go! And go and go and go. You are by far my busiest toddler. You are full of energy and I can barely keep a handle on you! You have a precious skip/run that I love. You love to be outside - the park, the zoo, you love it all. You love to slide and to swing. You beg to go outside and do all the things.

You are a girly girl. You love shoes and clothes. You like to pretend to put on make up on my chair when I am getting ready. You love to have your hair done (thank goodness, because with those curls it is a necessity!). You also like to pretend to put stuff in your hair.

You love your bath! You like to dump water on your hair and your sissy's hair. And you love to PLAY in it.

You are a great eater. You will try everything and like to ask like this: "Bite? Ahhhhhhh!" and point to your mouth.

Your vocabulary is exploding. I can't keep up with all of the words you know. You understand everything we say and ask you to do.

You LOVE Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. It is the only thing you will watch. You ask for Minnie and do the hot dog dance.

Speaking of dancing - you love it! When Harper practices her dances, you are right there with her dancing alongside her.

You are JOY and LOVE. We love you more than words can say. In the words of Hudson, "You are adorable."

We love you!
Love, Mommy!

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