Tuesday, October 6, 2015

8 months!!!!

Dear Finley,

You are eight months old! This past month was full of fun!

You are still eating beautifully! You take a morning bottle with your daddy, sleep a few more hours and then have a yogurt and another bottle. The rest of the day consists of a few more bottles and a dinner of purees. :) We will add that 3rd meal in, but it will have to happen after school starts and we are in more of a routine. We are holding off on table food until 9 months because I fear choking after the eater that was your sister.

Your sleep patterns haven’t changed either and you still have to nap on the go for the most part. And speaking of going - we go a lot. :) You took your second major road trip (and what a road trip that was!!) to the beach. We spent eight fabulous days on the beach and you were a rockstar (do you see a pattern here?). You experienced the ocean for the first time and loved it. You napped on the beach and played in your go-pod. You have quite the life. :)

Still no teeth, we are awaiting those (Hudson especially). You LOVE your brother and sister so so much. Hudson tells everyone you know how to sit up, wave and you are getting your first tooth (it is taking a while).

You have quite a few words! bubba, dada, bye, and the big one this month - Harper! Harper was the happiest I have ever seen her.

Hudson and Harper love you so much. Your daddy and I always talk about it - Hudson loves you loudly and Harper loves you so quietly, but so sweetly. She takes such good care of you.

We love you more than words can say. You have completed our family in a way I could only dream and pray about. 

love you baby girl,


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