Tuesday, October 6, 2015

More August...

This kid has her own style:

My dad still has it! (Don't tell him I posted this!!!!):

She is a messy, but super cute eater:

It was HOT, HOT, HOT. Contrary to popular belief though...you can NOT fry an egg on the sidewalk. We tried:

Lizabeth and I took the big kids to Hurricane Harbor one day. Harper HATED it. Come to find out she was coming down with a little virus and we didn't realize it until the next day. That might explain the intense hatred or maybe not:

I love it when this happens:

I love this kid and his positive attitude so much:

She is a soccer little sister:

This is what happens after a long, fun day of non-stop activity:

This sweetness makes everything better:

I put together some packets for the teachers at Hudson's school about Type One and Hudson specifically:

Our nickname for this sweetness is Happy:

Harper got a letter from her Pre-K teacher! How is my baby in Pre-K??

Fin LOVES her Pop:

Mallie and I took the big kids to one last summer fling at Six Flags. It was unseasonably cool and felt AMAZING:

They rode a few rides by themselves and felt like big stuff:

We split up and I took the big kids to Shock Wave:

While Mallie took her life in her own hands and rode the cars with the littles:

Then we met some Looney Toon characters (after the bigs had been traumatized by a second ride on the Shock Wave):

I ordered this bracelet for Hud...if you have to wear a medical ID bracelet, make it an awesome one:

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