Thursday, October 1, 2015

First week in August...aka Back to Reality

We kicked off our return home with a bang. Harper started her summer dance session:

We took our August road trip to Waco. And we had another fun diabetes moment! Hud needed a pump change, so when we got to lunch I went to do just that. Except - the insulin vial was 10 ml short of what I needed to fill the pod. Awesome! Thankfully, after our NOLA experience, I had the insulin pen with me. I gave him a shot and then I called the on call endo. They were able to call us in some insulin to a local pharmacy, but it was going to take a few hours. Melissa and I decided to brave the heat and take the kids to the zoo (and hopefully allow Hud to burn off some sugar):

Have I mentioned lately what a trooper this one is?? Still worn out from the beach:

We got the insulin a few hours later and all was well. Melissa got a crash course in a type one emergency and was a huge help to me. We made it home without incident and I was worn out!

She is a messy eater just like her sibs!

This has become one of my favorite pictures of all time:

Harper had her last gymnastics session and it was her show off lesson:

She and Alan had their own cheering section:

These two did awesome!

Oh my heart. I love her so:

Hudson played indoor soccer this summer!

He did great and learned so much!!

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