Saturday, October 24, 2015


Hudson joined the Spanish Club this year! He is super excited and hopes to learn a lot:

We start the brainwashing young around here:

She takes my breath away a lot and is rocking the side pony these days:

My little pumpkins:

                                            How we Target:

Kicking off October with our Halloween pjs and a Halloween movie (for the big kids):

More soccer!

Golfing on a beautiful October afternoon:

                                                   Love walking in to see her waiting for me!!! (And we got that crib lowered right after this!):

Lunch with these characters:

Hudson read his own book to the dog and recently told me he wanted to be an author when he grows up:

It had been a frustrating and sad few days, but I can always count on this sweet girl to put a smile on my face every morning

Such a cute craft at CFA story time!

Our sign was vandalized. :( and many of the new letters purchased stolen! So frustrating:

My girls are the luckiest sisters around:

College Day at school!

I love you Fin, now take a nap!

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