Thursday, October 1, 2015

Seaside Day 8 Part 2!

We rushed back to the condo after our dinner to take beach pictures. We were worried that a storm was on the way (it never came to fruition). As luck would have it my fancy, trusty, seven year old camera chose that exact moment to break. I am still devastated. I used Lizabeth's fancy camera, but I need to get the pictures from her still. So, enjoy these phone pics in the meantime. Some could be considered this one:

Fin could not look less comfortable.

We are working with Hud on holding and not choking:

My boys:

All the kiddos! We transferred Fin duty to Jack...lucky kid:

Sweet girls:

This looks like a group of future frat boys...sweet frat boys:

Ah...there it is:

After our photo session, the tanner and fletcher kids got one last crab hunting session in:

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