Tuesday, October 20, 2015

9 months!!!

Dear Finley,
You are nine months old!!! I can hardly believe you have been with us as long as you were inside me, but it is true. We cannot imagine life without you!!!

You are still using rolling as your primary mode of transportation (and let's face it, the big kids bring you everything you want). You roll to get to your brother and sister as fast as you possibly can.

You have quite a few words for such a little thing - bubba, Harper, mama, dada, bye-bye.

You LOVE your paci. We really only give it to you when you sleep, but you love it a lot. During the day, you don't use it very often.

You are go with the flow, the definition of chill. You have had to GO in your little life...and you do it well.

You still take five bottles a day - 6 ounces. And you eat three meals a day, pancakes and cheerios for breakfast and lunch and dinner varies. You are on some table foods, but I still have a fear of choking (and you have ZERO teeth!!) so we are taking that pretty slow.

You are HAPPY!!! Nana's nickname for you (because she can't let go that I didn't give you an H name) is Happy. And you are. So, so happy.

You like to be in bed around 6 p.m. (but can stretch it if we need to) and you wake up around 6ish for a bottle. After that, you are back down until around 9 most days. No complaints here!

You wave at everyone, everywhere we go. People love to wave back, smile and tell you how incredibly cute you are (and you are).

We love you so much!!!!


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