Saturday, October 24, 2015

Wrapping up September

Sweetest little team there ever was:

Twins - separated by 6 1/2 years:

Lunch with these sweet 3:

Eye on the prize:

She is the BEST sous chef ever. She loves to help us cook and I love having her help. I tease her that her middle name is really Harper "Can I do that?" Fletcher:

We followed up a fun playdate at the park with lunch:

Just a little light reading:

                                  I heart the age of princesses:

Pre-K picture day:

A beautiful day for Joe T's on the patio!

My mini-me:

Love him:

This girl goes after the ball!!!

"walking" her dog, zo-zo:

Harper loves the museum and would go every single day. When I think back to Hud at this age, he could have gone to the zoo or bounce house every day, Harper is definitely the museum. I wonder what Fin's place will be:

Less push ups, more trying to crawl, Fin:

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