Tuesday, October 27, 2015

"Hudson's Walk"

Not too long after Hudson was diagnosed, we knew we would put a team together for the JDRF walk the next year. Hudson happened to be diagnosed on World Diabetes Day and that happened to be the weekend of the walk last year. I had read a little about it in the weeks leading up to Hud's diagnosed (God planting those seeds) and knew it was something we would want to take part in this year.

My background is non-profit fundraising. When I was a fundraiser, I was highly competitive about the amount of money I raised each year and put a lot of pressure on myself to hit high goals. It was definitely not a good fit for me long term because it caused so much self-induced stress, but it translated into success for this particular juncture in life.

Our desire was to have as many friends and family at the walk as we could, so that Hudson could see how very loved and supported he is.

One of my very best friends (and one of Hudson's best friends) couldn't make the walk. But, she surprised us with her super delicious cookies the night before!

We had no idea what to expect. We woke the kids up bright and early to get there and get set up. Fin was very confused. She woke up for her morning bottle and could not figure out why I wasn't putting her back to bed. We had team shirts made and they didn't come in Finny size, so we had a special one made for her:

Harper went and got her SWAG:

The kids hit the bounce houses:

So many of Hud's sweet friends came. Hudson and Andrew:

One of the contests leading up to the event was to be named Grand Marshal of the walk. Hudson won!

Cam, Cole, Jackson, Dane, Hud and Blake:

As the Grand Marshal, Hud got to cut the ribbon and lead off the walk:

Our sweet, sweet friend Meredith. What a huge help, support and inspiration the Wimberly's have been to us this year:

Harper's sweet friends showed up as well. Sweet Sutton and Harper:

Claire and Harper:

Harper and Hannah:

This pic is pure greatness:

Harper loves her big girl friends!

Thanks to the INCREDIBLE support from family and friends, we made it in the Top 5 fundraising family teams!!!! For a first year team, this was pretty impressive. And it was completely thanks to our family and friends.

I truly believe that JDRF will have a huge hand in finding a cure for this horrible disease. I am proud to support the organization and do my part to contribute to the cause - for my baby boy and all those like him. I am beyond thankful for the support we have felt this year from our friends and family. This year has been far from easy, but support makes all the difference. Even just a text saying, How are you? Can I do anything for you guys? means the world!!

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