Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Life lately

I posted this picture on Facebook along with this:

Yesterday, towards the end of the day, I had to go to school to change Hud's pump because his sugar was dangerously high. With a hungry baby, an exhausted pre-schooler and a super high boy- it was a perfect storm. But, in the midst of the chaos, my favorite part of the day happened. I watched Hudson put his arm around Harper and lead her to a seat while saying, "tell me about your first day of school. I want to hear all about it." There is beauty in the ashes. If my kids come out of their childhood half as close as they are now, I will know I have done one thing right.

Harper and I had our big kid date. She wanted to go to the park, the toy store and the tea room with the real tea cups. So, we did. :)

Lunch with just ONE kid...what!?!

I had a play date with a sweet new friend. We went to the park and I realized I had on Trent's shoes...I am brain dead most of the time these days:

We hit one of our favorite parks Labor Day weekend:

And the kids selected Mellow Mushroom for lunch...anytime they pick something different over chick fil a, I am ALL for it!

Waving...all the time waving...

Labor Day swim:

Sweet baby girl at her nine month appointment...five minutes later she was REALLY, REALLY mad...#shots:

Thanks to the shots, Fin took a long nap and my sweet friend picked Harper up from school for me. Harper was thrilled - about riding with her friend AND the cake pop! 

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