Sunday, April 5, 2015

A full February

We had a jam packed February!!
Love this little love:

And this little love:

Tummy time always turns sleepy time for my babies:

A Frozen watch party for my girls:

Lizabeth and I took the girls to see Charlotte's Web:

This love lost another tooth (and pulled it out himself again):

Jump time for Harps...always dancing:

 I LOVE to see this while waiting in the pick up line after school:

I took the big kids to see Annie at a local playhouse:
 Meanwhile Fin hung out with Nana and Pop. My mom texted me this picture. Our little spitter soaked her clothes and I am the worst about packing an extra outfit. I feel like Fin is telling me something in this picture...something along the lines of "Seriously, Mommy?"

Hudson got bunk beds which he has been DYING for:

And Harper hasn't slept in her own room since:

 We took a little road trip to a new store in Waxahachi and Harper got a beautiful headband. And looks way too grown up here:

A blow out equalled a nakey baby again. I really should learn to pack extra clothes!

We had Open House and could not be more proud of this kid!!! He is doing such an excellent job and thriving in the 1st grade:

Hudson's Valentine box. Big shout out to Nana for helping him decorating it (and helping me this week because Trent was out of town all week).  He even won a prize!

Valentine's shirt for school:

One of Hudson's prizes from school was a free dinner at Spring Creek. He really wanted to go there and we told him he had to try new foods. He did and he loved it!

Harper made this sweet Valentine's card for her bubba:

This kid...I could not be more proud of him. February 14 was a milestone day in our house. It marked two years of allergy shots and 3 months since his Type 1 diagnosis. That is approximately 482 shots, the majority coming the past 3 months. I am amazed daily at Hudson's positive attitude, his continual smile and his bravery. Here's to only one more year of allergy shots and prayers for a cure.

Sweet sister cheering on her bubba at his basketball game:

Diabetic supplies are kind of taking over so I did some reorganizing:

Our Valentine's Date:

Fin loves her new activity mat:

We had family movie night, followed by family dance party:

Harper enjoying a birthday party at the carosuel:

My view while cooking dinner:

Hud had to have a blood draw for his quarterly endocrinology appointment, we celebrated his bravery afterward with ice cream:

Lunch with Hud:

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