Thursday, April 30, 2015

Four months!

Dear Finley,

You are four months old!!! Four months of pure sweetness. You bring so much light and joy to our lives. You are in LOVE and awe of your big brother and sister. Your face lights up when you see them and you smile when you hear their names. You are pretty attached to my hip (and the feeling is mutual) and you give your daddy the biggest smiles. We love you so much.

You eat around six ounces at a time (give or take) every 2 to 3 hours. You have made your bedtime around 7 and sleep 10 or 11 hours. You are a rockstar sleeper much like your sister. And we are so very thankful baby girl.

You love your bouncy seat - you have gotten quite vocal when in it. You don't mind the car. You love your activity mat and the swing. But, honestly your favorite place is in my arms. :)

You are a little indifferent about bath time. You don't hate it, but it isn't your favorite. You like to talk non-stop after your morning bottle. After your bottle, you go back down for a few more hours and wake up so very happy.

You give out your smiles freely and people are enthralled by you. You really are just the cutest little thing!!!

You remind me of your big brother at this age, but I don't dare tell your sister because she thinks you are twins. :)

You are the piece that was missing in our family. I can't remember life without you in it. We love you so much baby girl.


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