Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Three Months!

Dear Finley,

You are three months old! What a joy you are to us. You have completed our family in the most amazing way. I am pretty sure you are the most adored baby on the planet, you have four of your biggest fans surrounding you all the time. Your big brother and big sister can't get enough of you. We like to call you Finney Foo Foo. Harper still tells everyone she likes to call you Twinkle Toes. You are the perfect 3rd baby - go with the flow and laid back.

You are eating five or six ounces every two to three hours still. You sleep around 8 hours at night and then wake up for a feeding. After that you go back down for another few hours. (Like sister, like sister). You still sleep in our room. :)

You love your swing, your activity mat and especially the bouncy seat. You do well in the stroller and the car seat (most of the time). But, you love to be held the most. We are happy to oblige. :)

I love you so much baby girl. I always dreamed of having a boy and two girls. I wasn't sure if that dream would ever be a reality with all we went through to have you. I am so very grateful that God blessed us with you.

We love you so much,

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