Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Spring (Winter) Break

We kicked off Spring Break with a trip to one of our favorite places - Waco!
A walk around campus to start things off:

We did a tour of Fixer Upper houses and stopped by Kelly and Clint's store. Just wish I had gotten to see Kelly and hugged her neck!

We were about to head home and have a late dinner there, when the kids begged for an early dinner at Ninfa's. You can't turn down these cute faces:

We had lunch with our sweet friends, the Hagins! Why does Harper look like a teenager and how beautiful is Kate??

We laid low Sunday and hung out with this pretty girl:

Mallie, Amy and I took the big kids to see Wizard of Oz:

We met friends at one of our favorite parks one day:

Visited Daddy at work:

Took a family trip to Six Flags:

And then headed north to the new Nebraska Furniture Mart:

We are changing fight like a girl, to fight like Harper in this house:

Another low night:

I will be SO sad when she doesn't want to wear a princess dress to run errands:

We bought Hud a BIG boy bike!

And he rides it like a boss ;)

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