Sunday, April 5, 2015

Two months!!!

Dear Finley,
You are two months old! You are the sweetest little thing. You have taken after your sister - you sleep and eat on repeat for the most part. We are not complaining!  When you are awake, you are a content little thing. We have to work to get a smile from you, unless we put you in your bouncy seat - that is a guaranteed smile every single time. You love that thing!  You love your swing too, but not for as long as a time. And the activity mat is a new favorite. Your acid reflux is still pretty bad. :( You spit up quite a bit, especially if you eat too much. Your daddy likes to call you Vesuvius. But, you are super cute so you are forgiven quickly. :) You eat about 4 ounces at at time every two to three hours during the day.

 At 2 months you are sleeping about six to seven hour stretches at night. You are still sleeping in the rock and play in our room and I am really not sure when we will move you. We like having you in there a lot. You love the swaddle blanket and I fear the day we have to break you of it.  You don’t love your pacifier. We aren’t forcing the issue, time will tell if you become a fan like your big brother and sister. You don’t mind your car seat - as long as the car is in motion or you are asleep. Red lights are not our friend, but as Harper says “Once we get going again, she will be fine”.

You love your brother and sister and watch every single thing they do. And they love you so very much. Hudson claims he is never going to leave you, so future boyfriends beware!

You are the perfect addition to complete our family. We love you so much and we cannot imagine life without you.

Love you so much baby girl,


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