Tuesday, April 21, 2015


The day after Hudson's party (which turned out to be the most beautiful day in February)...smowmaggedon hit. I honestly don't remember how many days it all lasted, but I do know it all took place over the course of a couple of weeks.
I believe this was Sunday:

We had a lot of ice and not much snow on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. By Wednesday the ice had melted and the kids went back to school. However, it then snowed again on Wednesday! But, that melted by noon.

They had fun making up different games to play:

This was Wednesday, when the first actual snow fell - after three "snow" days:

Friday was scheduled to be an early release day at noon. However, at 10:00 snow began to fall heavily. They immediately called school and everyone raced to pick up their kids. We came home and the kids headed outside:

They ended up taking longer hot showers than they did playing outside! 
The next day (while Fin napped) we headed out again:

Here is where things get out of order (and I am fuzzy on the details). At some point, Fin sat in the bumbo for the first time:

The kids went back to school on Monday. However, we had ANOTHER round of snow that week (I think on Wednesday??). We had another snow day or two and a delayed start on Friday (which was a little ridiculous, but that is another story) which was also the last day before SPRING break (which really should have been called Winter break). 
I told the kids to go out and play before it melted:

Snow days were wall about who could be closest to Fin at any given moment:

How Fin enjoyed the snow days:

Lots of movie nights:

I call this evolution of a snowball to the face:

I call this Little Trent:

Hot chocolate treats:

Two snow day beauties...a few years apart:

The produce aftermath:

I honestly love being snowed in with my family. Bonus quality time together!!

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