Friday, April 3, 2015


We visited Daddy at his office:

Harper was given a super sweet gift from one of Trent's coworkers. It kept her entertained in the pick up line:

Hudson started Upward Basketball:

We took these two sweets on a date to Joe T's while Hud spent the night with his Nana and Pop:

Harper is getting better and better at writing her name!

Love these two and their relationship:

Harper got a sweet haircut at her favorite "girl haircut" place:

I surprised Hudson for lunch after a doctor's appointment:

Hudson got out of school early, so we hit the park on a beautiful day:

Unfortunately, a blowout for Fin = nakey baby. Good thing it was  a warm day:

After Hud's basketball game, we headed down to Waco to introduce Fin to some friends and the motherland:

We hit the park with the Oaks on MLK Day. And this was a momentous day. Gates brought her bike without training wheels. Hudson has been pretty hesitant to learn to ride without training wheels, but thanks to Mallie, he is now an expert!

Wants to practice all the time:

She looks so little here:

Museum time!

Lunch with these cuties:

Park with these pretty girls:

January was full of beautiful days which meant a zoo trip:

We had a CRAZY Saturday - a basketball game and 3 birthday parties (2 at the same time). We divided and conquered:

Hudson's first school project. The state fish: the Guadalupe bass:

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