Thursday, April 16, 2015

Hudson's 7th Birthday Party!

Hudson had an awesome birthday party!!! He really wanted to invite his whole class as well as all of his other friends. So, we decided to have it at home. I really wanted to have it outside because of Finley, etc.  We had planned to have it in March, but I realized in early February that was the first weekend of Spring Break, I am glad I realized it when I did. Texas weather in February can be very finicky (more on that later), I prayed and prayed for good weather. After everything Hudson has been through the last few months, I really wanted him to have a super fun birthday party and a special day. We had the most perfect weather day in all of February that day. :)
We set up snacks and drinks in the garage:

We brought in a video game truck that was AWESOME:

All in all, I think he had about 30 friends there. He had a great time and his friends had a blast. There was a lot of video gaming, basketball, soccer and swinging going on!

My sweet little birthday boy!

He had a GREAT day and said it was his best birthday ever. That's all I needed to hear! :)

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