Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Native of the Americans

Fin enjoyed learning about Native Americans at school! Or as she called it - the native of the Americans. 

World Diabetes Day

In honor of World Diabetes Day - we wear blue. I had lunch with Hudson and some sweet friends who were wearing blue (one from head to toe!) for him. His amazing teacher sent out a text asking his team to support him. It made Hud feel amazing!

This is what I know....
Today is World Diabetes Day. But, it is also the day Hudson was diagnosed- four years ago. It is a little shocking to see that written down. It feels like yesterday and a million years ago all at once. A diagnosis like this rocks you to your very core. And then you have a choice - it can break you or it can make you stronger. We chose to let it make us stronger. We vowed that day not to let Type One stop Hudson or us. And I feel like we have delivered on that promise. Hudson is a totally normal, awesome kid who also happens to have diabetes...
I am not trying to sugar coat it (see what I did there?). If given the choice, I would take this diagnosis away from him in a heartbeat. But, T1 has given us so much positive as well - closer relationships with each other, closer relationships with teachers, supportive friends and a host of people I would have never had the pleasure of knowing otherwise. And for that, I choose to be thankful.
Everything in life is a choice - you can choose to be thankful and joyful for your life and circumstances or you can choose not to be. But, where is the fun in that? Choose joy. Every time.
And pray for a cure. Because I will take that in a heartbeat, as well.

November this and that

Harper and I got to go to the Perot Museum for her GT field trip:

Turkey day at Museum School:

When your daughter asks to look like Elsa:

B and B with my girls!

Harper's well check. We have the best pedi - how many pedis would let baby sister check up her big sister?

Harper's stats - 50 inches tall (45th percentile) l, 57.2 lbs  (48th percentile)

8 is great!

It is a super fun day when you get to have your birthday party ON your birthday!

We started out with family presents, including the ones her super sweet brother shopped for himself:

Then it was time for her birthday party. She had a precious party where they learned to decorate Mermaid cakes!

She was blessed with lovely weather, a lovely day and fantastic friends:

We celebrated sweet Harper from sunup to sundown!