Sunday, June 28, 2015

Camp photos

I love, love, love these photos from camp!! You can tell how much he loves it! Pure joy right here:

Wrapping up Camp Thurman and the rest of the week...

Wrapping up a great week at CT. These buddies had a great week together:

While Hud camped it up, the girls and I had fun. After swim lessons, we met our friends to paint:

She wanted bubba to know how much she missed him:

They had a lot of sister bonding time!

Fin is really loving the jumperoo!

Much like another baby I used to know...

I love it when this happens:

Working on sitting up!

Mallie and I took the kids to check out the new splash park at the zoo:

Fin was a trooper:

3 hours later, we had to drag them out. I call that a success!

I picked these two up on the last day of a fun, long week!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

I have to share this sweet note we got from Hud's counselor, I am so PROUD of this kid:

Hey this is ****i from Camp Thurman!

Your son was a blast to have in my group today! We enjoyed playing in the "Jordan Gully" and we shot BB Guns and Bow and Arrows!

Our swim time was super fun as well!

I'd like to mention to you that Hudson was an absolute delight to have. He is seriously such a well behaved kid and was really good about keeping a watch on his monitor. He has such a great time and he is literally my favorite because He just is so kind and fun and respectful. In a group of young kids who are hyper, he really has a great head on his shoulders and listens well as well as has fun with the other kids! He did not stick out like a sore thumb at all! The kids loved him and the monitor was no big deal to him. I was really impressed with how you have raised him and how you guys have been dealing with the diabetes! You guys are truly Super!

This week is going to be so much fun!

Thank you so much for sending your son out here, he is a blast!

Camp Thurman!

This was Hudson's third year for Camp Thurman! It is his absolute favorite week of the summer. CT is such a wonderful place, the kids have so much fun and learn so much about Jesus while they are there.
This year, I was a little apprehensive. It was Hudson's first year to go since being diagnosed. The easiest thing would have been not to send him this year, but it wouldn't have been the right thing. That weekend (of diagnosis) we made a promise to not let anything hold him or our family back, and we are making good on that promise.
By God's grace, this was the first year they had a nurse on site. AND that nurse happened to work for our school district and is friends with our nurse. So, our (fantastic, unbelievable) nurse called her to let her know about Hud and to watch out for him.  Because we had a snow day MISD staff had to work on that Monday, so there was no nurse that day. Hud's counselor let me take a picture of their schedule, so I would know what they were doing at all times. I had my watch on to watch his sugars and he had his monitor on him as well. I was nervous, but Hud had no idea how nervous I was. I knew God would watch over him and I knew that he would take good care of himself as well. He is so responsible!  I dropped him off and walked him up so I could meet his counselor (who I had already spoken at length with as well and tried really hard not to overwhelm him). Here he was, ready to have a great week!

After swim lessons, I took the girls to my mom's house and then headed back to camp. Since the nurse wasn't there, I had to go give Hud his insulin. I was so happy to do that because I got to check in with him and see his happy face!! He was having such a fun day!

I stayed close by and kept my eye on my watch. He was rocking it:

The first thing he said to me when he got in the car at pick up was, "I did awesome, Mama". You can't ask for anything more than that. 

I am so proud of him. Diabetes is not going to stop him. We won't let it.

A look back...

Fin's six month stats!

Fin's stats:
Height - 28 1/2 inches (just like Hud! off the charts!)
Weight - 19 lbs 10 oz (92%)
Head - 17 1/2 inches :)

Her stats:
Height – 27 1/4 inches (originally they said 27 1/2 so who knows) – 90%
Weight – 17 lbs 9 oz – 75%
Head – 17 1/2 inches
Hudson at six months:
Height – 28 1/2 inches (off the charts)
Weight – 18 lbs 12 oz (75%)
Head – 17 1/2 inches :)

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Six months!!

Dear Fin,
You are six months old!!! I can't even begin to tell you what a positively precious thing you are. You are beyond adored by everyone in our family. Your brother and sister smother you with love. They can't go more than a few minutes without loving on you, hugging you, kissing you and talking to you.

This last month you went with us to Disney. You were a rock star. You slept when you were tired, ate when you were hungry and smiled the rest of the time. You were amazing.

You still eat about six bottles a day, six ounces at a time. You  (like your sister before you) have made 6:00 your bedtime. You can roll if we need you to stay up though. You nap well, but because you are the 3rd you kind of have to nap when and where you can. You will most likely be our most flexible child because of it!!

You are so happy. Full of smiles. If you cry - you are super hungry. You light up when you see anybody in our family.

You started rolling (you are our earliest roller)! And it is your preferred method of transportation. You roll everywhere!!!! And you like to scootch on your back. You will roll across the room to get closer to your brother and sister. You are tri-podding and on your way to sitting up independently!

You started using the jumperoo this month and you LOVE it. You remind me of Hud in it, Harper never loved it as much as you two do. You still love your bouncy, activity mat and swing.

We love you more than words can say!!!


Harper the Fish

Harper wrapped up 2 weeks of swim lessons with Mr. Bryan! She is such a fish!! At one point Mr. Bryan called her extraordinary, she really is!!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Jump around!

Fin is big enough for the jumperoo and excersaucer! I can hardly believe it!!! And much like her brother and sister before her...she is a big fan:

Our sweet friends, the Blacklocks, were in town so we met up at the new sno-cone stand in town to visit and introduce them to Fin!

After that we headed to Joe T's for a belated bday celebration for Pop:

The next day, we practiced sitting up some more:

and Hud had a fun playdate with his buddy, Blake:

Harper's last game!

Harper had her last game, the end to a CRAZY soccer season. Thanks to the monsoon season we have had, we only had about half the games that we were supposed to play. And they were super spread out. The girls still had fun though!! These pictures were all taken one handed (explanation as to why down below):

Aaaaaand that's why they were one-handed:

Sweet soccer player:

Post-season wrap-up and medal ceremony:

Such a good big brother:


Coach Daddy:

It was a fun season! And while dance remains Harper's first love, she did say she would like to play again in the fall!