Sunday, December 25, 2016

Indian Summer

Is it appropriate to call November an Indian Summer? Regardless, that's what it felt like:

We had a play date with a sweet friend who happens to be our neighbor as well!

Hudson is so lucky to have supportive friends!

Finnie started Little Gym:

She was a natural!

I surprised the big kids by taking the to Trolls!

One of Harper's little friends from class brought her an Elsa pen from Disney World because he "couldn't stop thinking about her". I am not sure what to think about that, but it was super sweet and Harper loved it!

Food for thought


Halloween - we were ready!

Belle and Minnie:

Belle, Minnie and Kylo. Minnie is clearly not so sure of Kylo Ren:

Charlotte and Harps:

We had a FUN get together with friends before trick or treating. Dinner and playing. Look at all those kids!!!

Fin rode like the princess she is! and since she is sleeping beauty, we had Nana come whisk her home for bed after a few houses:

These two could have gone ALL NIGHT LONG!

Last house ;):

They had quite the haul!!!

Friday, November 4, 2016

Parties and Pumpkins

After a long {exhausting} two days at GWL, we had a fun Halloween party to attend!

And despite, GWL, 2 parties and 2 soccer games, we fit in carving pumpkins:

Great Wolf!

I surprised the kids with a trip to Great Wolf! We haven't been in a LONG time, so it was a treat for all of us. They were celebrating Howl-a-ween:

Ready to go! Fin was really ready!

The kids went trick or treating, I have no idea what they were!

They talked me into Magi-quest. They have always wanted to do it, so we did. However, I only had the game loaded on one of their wands and told them that it only worked if they did it together!

Day 2:

Fin is FEARLESS!!!

We had an awesome time!!!


Fin, my mom and I made it to patch number 3!