Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Potty Training…

Ah, the dreaded potty training.  Everyone kept telling me to wait until Hudson was ready and to be perfectly honest – I didn’t really know what that meant?  I mean how would I know when a 3 year old was ready?  Well, as it turns out it is like most things in life – you just know.

We tried in January and he was NOT ready.  It was quite possibly the most miserable 12 hours of both of our lives.  I tabled it and decided to wait a few months.  Every so often I would ask him if he was ready to go big boy potty and every time he told me “no, mommy. I wear diapers”.  Mercy.

Last week, on a complete whim, I asked him again.  This time he said “yes!”  Okay, I was not prepared. At all.  And frankly, the timing?  Not the greatest.  Easter weekend was coming up, we have  a trip (that includes a plane ride and a 2 hour car ride) coming up – so potty training was probably not the best idea right this minute.  BUT, he was ready. We had 3 open days.  So, we went for it.  And he did AWESOME.

For my purposes (and the purposes of our family scrapbook:)) I am going to record what we did…

We spent 3 days straight in the house, which is enough to drive us both crazy since we are on-the-go people, but it was necessary.  I pushed the fluids big time – milk, water, juice, etc. After the first initial accident, I asked him every 20 minutes (I can still hear the oven timer in my sleep) if he needed to go.  After that first one there were zero accidents!  So proud of our big boy!  I rewarded him the first couple of day every time he went with a toy car or a sucker.  By the end of the first day he was letting me know when he needed to go. 

Now, the public restroom?  That is a different story.  He pretty much refuses to go in public (and I can’t blame him – who likes a public restroom?) and instead holds it until we get home.  I have got to figure out how to get him to go (rewards aren’t even working), but I know eventually he will get there. 

Overall, he is doing REALLY well!  And we are very proud of our big boy. :)

Pushing the juice! :)  He wanted Harper up on the table where he could talk to her (don’t worry she was very well supervised):

DSC_9640 DSC_9641

Checking out one of the reward cars:

DSC_9642 DSC_9643 DSC_9644

And yet more juice…:)


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Gatesey is 3!

We celebrated one of our favorite little girl’s birthday last weekend!  Gatesey turned 3!  Mallie hosted a very fun party – complete with an egg hunt and an appearance by the Easter Bunny himself!

DSC_9320 DSC_9324 DSC_9326 DSC_9327 DSC_9335 DSC_9340 DSC_9344 DSC_9352 DSC_9355 DSC_9358 DSC_9366 DSC_9370 DSC_9374 DSC_9382 DSC_9383 DSC_9392 DSC_9403 DSC_9406 DSC_9417

Happy Birthday Gatesey!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Just a typical day…

I know we have gotten incredibly lucky with how well Hudson has adjusted to having Harper here.  He honestly loves her so much and it makes my heart burst every single day.  He is constantly asking to hold her or hug her.  He kissed her good night every night.  If she is on the activity mat or in the bouncy chair when he comes flying by – he stops to talk to her, asks how she is doing, etc.  In the car he is so sweet to her – sings to her and talks to her.  If she starts crying in the car he immediately looks for her “bop” (pacifier) for her and tells her “don’t be sad baby…be happy!”  When we go anywhere just the two of us he wants to know where she is and what she is doing.  And though she can’t verbally express her love for him yet, she certainly does it through the huge smiles and belly laughs she gives him. I love watching their relationship grow everyday.

DSC_9260 DSC_9261 DSC_9264

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Backyard fun for us…

means staring out and trying to figure out where to start….

DSC_9180 DSC_9181 DSC_9183

spying on our neighbors (okay, really that is only fun for Hudson)


and of course bubbles…

DSC_9201 DSC_9203 DSC_9205 DSC_9210 DSC_9218

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sitting pretty…

Harper really loves the Bumbo (much more than Hudson ever did!).  And she really loves her Sophie!!!  She really goes to town on poor Sophie and it cracks us up.  She is getting very close to sitting up independently.  She has the tri-pod stance down pat. :)

DSC_9059 DSC_9060 DSC_9064 DSC_9065 DSC_9069 DSC_9070 DSC_9075 DSC_9078