Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Seaside Day 8! Part 1

These two were up and ready to hit the beach for the last full day:

This kid broke the internet with her cuteness:

The big excitement for the day is when I got stung by a jellyfish!!!! I had the 3 girls out on their boogie boards. We were catching gentle waves and giggling, next thing I know I feel this horrific stinging on my leg and I knew instantly what it was (even though this was my first sting. I kept envisioning the jellyfish scene from Nemo). I was worried about the girls and thinking there might be others near by, so I screamed for Toby (the closest adult with us) to come help me get the girls out while I tried to shake it off of my leg. We got them to safety and I went to inspect the damage. Sure enough, it had wrapped his tentacles around my leg twice and left quite a mark:

Thankfully, the office had vinegar spray and meat tenderizer (apparently that little tip on Friends is an urban myth, thank goodness!). The spray and tenderizer cleared it right up and there were no ill effects.

Hudson found a huge hermit crab!! (Technically, Toby did but he was kind enough to give it to Hud):

Hud had a big plan to bring it home with us, but after consulting google we convinced him to let "Crabby" stay in the ocean.


Three of the sweetest friends ever:

(Almost) all of the kids:

After a beautiful, (almost minus the jellyfish) perfect last day on the beach, we geared up for dinner at our other favorite restaurant:

Seaside Day 7!

I really think this kid has surfing in his future!  He had a great time boogy boarding and had such great balance. I love watching him love life and having so much fun!!

Beautiful girl:

Fin was such a laid back beach baby!

The kids loved having friends to play with all week:

After a very fun and full day at the beach, we headed back to one of our favorite dinner spots. There was a bit of a wait, so we hit the cute toy store down the street:

Soon after our table was ready and we ate another delicious dinner: